Hi, I'm Nicolás Forero.

I'm a writer, marketer, and economist. Every two weeks, I publish articles about human behavior, making decisions under uncertainty, and marketing.

I can't post more often, as I suffer from wrist pain. Also, I can't write non-cliché articles unless I question my premise and arguments for a couple of days.

Regarding my career, I built sites with thousands of revenue-producing visitors per month and created content and SEO strategies for more than 30 six to eight-figure per year startups. I did this without an employer. Now, I work as a writer at what I always considered the best content marketing agency globally.

My most shared content case studies are on Headspace (125+), The Futur (79+), and LottieFiles (57+). I wasn't happy with these article's structures, so I hid them. I expect to rewrite them by August 2021.

Send me a message on Twitter to discuss an article, idea or to say hi.

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