Hi, I'm Nicolás Forero.

I'm a writer, marketer, and economist. Every two weeks, I publish articles about human behavior, making decisions under uncertainty, and marketing.

I can't post more often, as I suffer from wrist pain. Also, I can't write non-cliché articles unless I question my premise and arguments for a couple of days.

For two years, I built sites with thousands of revenue-generating visitors per month and created content and SEO strategies for more than 30 six to eight-figure per year startups. I did this independently.

Now, I write and execute content strategies for fantastic B2B companies—think Wistia, Zendesk, Google—at Animalz, one of the best content marketing agencies in the world.

My most shared content case studies are on Headspace (125+), The Futur (79+), and LottieFiles (57+). I wasn't happy with these article's structures, so I hid them. I expect to rewrite them by October 2021.

Send me a message on Twitter to discuss an article, idea or to say hi.

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