Motica Case Study—16M% Traffic Increase Under 12 Months

Winning an Oscar is the biggest award inside the movie industry.

Actors and film directors wait for them. They work hard every day for a long time. Being nominated is a privilege for everyone. You and your competitors.

And while you respect their work and expertise, you want to win. Your movie and work deserve attention. While you won't turn into a movie star after this article, you will learn how to take your work to the spotlight.

When I began working in SEO, I noticed how case studies were an important aspect. Potential clients went into your website looking for them, just as you would expect tosee the academy awards every year.

Through them,you can see success stories from the company who owns the website. Always positive, never room for a single mistake.

Today you will see something different.

I want to showcase a case study of a website that is:

And even with these characteristics, it turned out to be a website that experienced:

It is a short an interesting read that I constructed for you. It shows how monthly retainers are not necessary all time. It also shows you the bad side of this.

Sounds counterintuitive. But you will understand what I mean by this in less than 5 minutes.

Motica search console
Users across the 12 month period

Starting point

Motica.co is a fashion blog that started the 24th of August of 2019. Installed on a free WordPress theme, it intended to grab the attention of the fashion enthusiasts.

The website's main goal was to increase the magazine's exposure. No info products, leads or sales. The focus was to tell the world the brand existed and to position it as an industry expert.

What made Motica an interesting website to help, was the lack of everything.

When you take on an established brand or website, results are easier to get. You need to analyse, change, adapt and apply. Someone has done the groundwork. Someone that is not you.

With Motica it was everything. There was no brand name, no real budget, nothing.

So how did we go from there to an increase of over 15 million % in under a year?

How I did it

Search for anything fashion related and you will receive results from established sites. It is hard to digest for future fashion bloggers, but the competition is high.

Popular magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar seem to rank at any given countryand language.

The only way to outrank them is to see what they see but look what they do not look. There are topics that do not generate enough buzz for these magazines to cover.

This happens at every niche. Your industry experts are capable of ranking for any topic andt erm. They know this and go for the topics that can get the most eyes.

Luckily for you, these topics do not equal revenue. Your business lives from revenue.

What I did and what I recommend you do, is to go for unseen topics. Those that do not drive much traffic but leads and sales. These are the ones that will keep your business alive.

I only worked on this website for about a month. I helped to establish a clear content strategy and delivered topics that could give an edge based on goals and initial state.

Search engine optimization is one of those steps people hate. It takes time to work. It takes even longer on newer sites. The usual time to receive decent results (depends on niche, competition, budget) is about a year.

Here are the results we got in under a year:

Motica page views

Some of the actions that allowed us to achieve these results:

What Was Wrong

Not everything is white. Or black. Not even black and white. Sometimes the result or answer is between extremes.

It cannot be argued that these results are wonderful. They are aligned with the initial goals, did not cost a lot, and were fast.

But they could have been better.

This case study wanted to showcase results I have given in the past. Real-life example of how you do not have to be Nike to succeed here. You could have a new business, and still get results without an unlimited budget.

Coins have two sides. The other side of this coin wants to teach you to care about your investments.

Some of the mistakes done by the website manager:


A well-done SEO work will bring results. Goals do not need to wait years to be accomplished. They sometimes do not need of previous work, brand name and large budgets either. In rare cases, they do not need you to do anything else, like this one.

On the flipside, understand your goals, needs and what is necessary to accomplish them. A business has time and money in different proportions.

If you have time and a reduced budget, look for services that will set you up for success and consultancy calls. Be ready to do the rest.

If you have the budget but no time, invest in a done-for-you solution.

There is no right choice. Choose the one based on your business but once you do it, stick to it.

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